Jolly 60MV Destemmer Crusher With Speed Control

The Jolly 60 features some key upgrades over the Jolly40 that allow for even more gentle processing. The Jolly 60 has a higher production, is  quick to adjust and even more gentle on your grapes. We suggest you first take the time to read through the Jolly 40 

  • Centrifugal Processing - the Jolly 40 features a non-rotating destemming basket where the grapes fall through and are moved to the collection tank via a stainless screw feed.  The Jolly 60 features a basket that also rotates.  This design is more effective at removing stems.  It also has the benefit of using a spiral, rubber coated wiper blade welded to the basket that more gently pushes destemmed grapes to the collection tank.  By comparison the Jolly40 uses a stainless screw under the basket to move grapes to the collection tank. 
  • Adjustable Rubber Tipped Destemming Shaft - Instead of rigid paddles on the Jolly40 the Jolly60 features adjustable tips that  can help reduce jacks (bits of stems) in certain situations. Additionally the tips are cylindrical instead of paddle shaped. This an option we choose from the manufacturer and is not reflected in the photo. 

Processing Advantages Vrs. Jolly 40

  • 3Hp Motor on Jolly 60 vrs 2.5HP Motor on Jolly 40.
  • Rollers slide out of way on stainless rails and do not have be disconnected like on the Jolly40
  • Collection tank is on casters for easier removal vrs being hard mounted on the Jolly40
  • 50% higher processing capabilities vrs Jolly40
The Collection Tank & Must Pump Choice
The collection tank, located at the bottom of the machine, consists of a stainless bin with a stainless auger feed that is driven by the machine. It pushes crushed grapes into your awaiting rubber impeller must pump where the must is moved into your fermenter. Rubber impeller pumps like the Enoitalia EURO 60 must pump will do a good job unless the grapes are dry (high skin, less flesh). The Euro 60 is also a good choice because it has so many other uses in the winery.
You can remove the collection tank altogether, allowing the must to drop via gravity. Designed for commercial crush pads. Eliptical must pumps are big pumps with 3" outlet tubing that allows for a gentler transfer and are also better for dry (small berry, less flesh) fruit. The Gamma 80 is the smallest version of a true crush pad must pump, perfectly suited for this machine. A second option if you remove the reception hopper is to just allow the fruit to drop via gravity into containers and transfer that manually to macrobins.  Of course the latter option is only feasible with a strong back and very small lots, but sometimes that is a nice option to have. 


  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Process up to 6 tons per hour
  • 230V 1 phase 3HP Motor
  • Variable Speed with Frequency Drive
  • Slide out of the way Rubber Rollers
  • Rubber Rollers are spring loaded and can be adjusted
  • Rubber Tipped Destemming bars
  • Rubber Edged Auger in Reception Hopper
  • Collection Hopper, with 2.5" TC outlet, can be removed
  • Centrifugal - Basket rotates
  • Unique basket mounted wiper blade eliminates stainless screw feed 
  • Destemming basket features 24mm holes
  • Casters, 2 of which lock
  • Easily removed destemming basket and shaft for easy cleaning
  • Control box can be easily unplugged and removed for wash down
  • Weighs 400 pounds
  • Approximate dimensions of 63"H x 33"W x 51.5"T
  • Unit comes with bare cord wire. Wire on the appropriate 220v plug for your electrical connection
  • 8.1 Amp draw at 230v
  • Manufactured by Enoitalia
Shipping Limitation: This item ships freight only