Brewing Kettle - 14 Gallon

This is the newest addition to our economy line of kettles. A 14 Gallon stainless steel kettle with two 1/2" couplers welded to the front for a great price! (thermometer and ball valve ports). They will work perfectly fine and represent an amazing value. The bottom coupler can be threaded on the inside of the kettle as well - great for a diverter or kettle tube screen. Can also be used as a mash tun with one of our AG405 domed false bottoms (This would require the purchase of a H616 barb along with tubing to connect the false bottom to the coupler). This kettle does not come with a ball valve or thermometer. The couplers are 1/2" female pipe thread. To install a ball valve: a nipple is needed to connect the ball valve and coupler as both have female pipe thread

This item does not work with induction burners

Approximate Dimensions 17.5" tall 16" wide, 1.2mm thick 304 SS
Thermometer port is 5.5" (to the center of the coupler) from the bottom of the kettle. Does not have volume markings