BrewBuilt All Grain Brewing System-20 Gallon Kit

This is a complete horizontal all grain brewing system from BrewBuilt. With this product you'll get 3 BrewBuilt Afterburners, along with all of the connecting hardware, and 3 BrewBuilt kettles to be used as Mash Tun, Boil Kettle, and Hot Liquor Tank, along with all of the fittings and tubing you'll need.

The BrewBuilt Afterburner is a high quality stainless steel brewing stand that houses a wide profile burner that will get pots boiling in no time.  This is a huge burner, 2 feet tall, and 19.5" L & W.  While we normally use this at around 70,000 btu output, it can go all the way to 100,000 btu.  You can connect the 3 afterburners into one system with the included connection package. We also include a handle and wheels to make it easy to move the system around.

BrewBuilt kettles are made from 304 stainless steel and offer two welded couplers. They also come with a notched lid with a silicone plug giving you more flexibility. You can use equipment on your kettle such as an immersion chiller or the Ultimate Sparge Arm while leaving the lid in place!

Note: This does not include a wort chiller. We have some recommendations below.

Kit Includes:

  • 3 BrewBuilt Brewing Kettles
  • 3 BrewBuilt Afterburners - Complete with connecting plates, handle, and casters
  • 2 BrewBuilt Thermometers
  • 2 Polysulfone Chugger Pumps
  • BrewBuilt Mash Tun False Bottom Kit
  • The Ultimate Sparge Arm
  • All the tubing and fittings you'll need to brew delicious beer