Idaho #7 Hop Hash-1 lb-out of stock

Hop Hash is a by-product of the pelletizing process.  The hammer mills become globbed up with delicious and aromatic lupulin gland powder, we call hash.  The potent "hash" is exponentially higher in alpha acid and oil content.  Typical AA range is 26-32% and typical oil content is 3.5-6.5 ml/100g. Typically used in late additions, such as the whirlpool, or for dry hopping.  The increased potency allows you to use less product, resulting in less vegetal mass and more beer!

With the increasing acreage of hops being planted in Idaho, it is no suprise that an incredibly unique hop has arrisen from the state.  Idaho Experimental #7 is a great dual purpose hop that is primarily used for aroma and flavor due to it's enticing profile. Flavor and aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, pitfruit, pine, resin and notes of black tea.  This hop provides an impactful character that has been very well received. Typical AA range is 9%-12%.