Pico Pro Brewing / Serving Keg

This compact, reusable keg is the perfect size for serving your PicoBrew beer, whether you're at home, at a picnic or a party. It holds the equivalent of a "brewer's dozen," or thirteen 12-ounce bottles—a full batch of Pico brewed beer. The resealable, drip-free tap ensures no-mess serving on the countertop or at the table.

  • Designed to chill, carbonate, and serve PicoBrew beer.
  • Holds 1.3 gallons / 5 liters of beer, or the equivalent of 10 pints or 13 12-ounce bottles.
  • Integrated resealable, drip-free tap.
  • Can be stored upright in the refrigerator.
  • Made exclusively for the PicoBrew home brewing system.


6" diameter, 9" high

Empty weight: 6.25 lbs

5-liter capacity

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