The Temperature Tamer

The Temperature Tamer hangs from the side of a bin or tank and has a built-in temperature controller that monitors the temperature and controls a solenoid valve, allowing coolant or heated water to enter a snake, plate or jacket to maintain your ideal temperature. Theoretically you could be maintaining the temperature of a red wine ferment at 77F in one tank while you cold stabilized a white wine at 30F in the next.

The built-in Ranco controller allows for heating or cooling, has a temperature range of -30 to 220F, and will maintain the temperature in a ferment or tank within one degree of your set point. The controller opens and closes the built in electronic solenoid valve to start or stop the flow of coolant.

The included thermal sensor can be placed into a thermowell mounted onto a tank or a floating thermowell used with a Macrobin. The unit comes equipped with 1/2" barb outlets for the glycol system, however you can remove those and attach anything you'd like to the 1/2" FPT behind them. We generally like to use Quick Disconnects in these systems, please contact us if you need assistance setting this up properly.

An example set-up for cooling macro bins: Using one of our glycol systems run an outgoing and incoming loop of 1/2" line that is always recirculating cold glycol. Wherever you have a bin that needs cooling, tee your Temperature Tamer input into the line coming from your chiller, connect a hose from the Tamer's outlet to the inlet side of your cooling plate, and tee a hose from the cooling plate's outlet into the return line going back to the chiller.