UK Target Pellet Hops-1 oz

Target hops are a second generation selection from Northern Brewer and Eastwell Goldings released from Wye College in 1972. With a fairly high alpha acid content and intense aroma, Target hops are a true dual purpose brewing hop. As an aromatic addition, expect an intense bouquet of sage, floral, spice and citrus that enhances English style Ales and Lagers. 

Target can also be used for bittering, and generally has an alpha acid range of 8% to 13%. Both British Fuggles and Willamette hops offer a reasonable substitute for UK Target pellet or whole hops. Try the authentic taste of Target hops in Wye Valley Bitter from Wye Valley Brewery.
All hops are packaged in oxygen, light and moisture barrier bags. They are purged with nitrogen and stored cold to optimize freshness. Resealable packages feature a tear notch and zipper.
Storability Poor
Format Pellet
Origin English
Flavor and Aroma Citrus, Spicy
Alpha Acids Average
Use Dual Purpose
Weight 1 oz.
Total Oil Content Average
Cohumulone High