White Labs Malolactic Culture

A direct pitch liquid Malolactic culture for 6 gallons of wine.

This ML culture from White Labs is specially designed to meet the needs of home winemakers. It is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and pHs and will not have a significant impact on flavor, aroma or mouthfeel.

Vital Stats

  • pH tolerant down to 3.0
  • Low temperature tolerant down to 55F
  • Alcohol tolerant to 15% abv
  • Free SO2 should be less than 10ppm

Please Note: White Labs recommends pitching this strain at around 5 Brix remaining sugar in your primary fermentation. MoreWine! recommends that you follow the manufacturer's suggestion in this regard, but that you still rack off your gross lees withing 48hr of pressing and that you continue to stir the fine lees twice a week until the end of MLF.